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2007 Nissan Wingroad Review, Nic Banarsee, Jamaica

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Nissan Wingroad Y12 » Y12

 Model of the car:Y12
 General comments:Originally I thought that the car was rather lame, slow and ugly. Then, one day I decided to add some 18' rims, install a cold-air intake, a supercharger, tighter suspension, some bigger break and a new body kit, and then I had a monster that could now compete and beat almost any honda.
With the stock version, I found the ride quality really smooth with its occasional bumps here and there. The power was a bit sneaky also, well, if you drove it in the usual "D", not only is it extremely fuel efficient (due the the 1.5l), but it was also rather weak and slow, with the occasional lag, between pressing the accelerator and the car actually accelerating. But! Once you started to move from L1>L2>D, not only was the car waaaaay more responsive, but it would squeeze a few expletives out of you, due to the shock of improved performance! The breaks were awful though!
Moving on to the interior of the car, I would definitely give, give it a 3/10. Having the 2007 AD wagon ($13,000), the interior was extremely bland and I found the seats rather tough and uncomfortable, especially the back seats! After a month of driving the car, I must have changed my driving position may 10 times and also ended up it an awful back pain. With all this said, I must point out that the car is extremely tough and reliable and can definitely take a beating! Seriously!
The customization had its difficulties, as it was often hard to find parts. A matter of fact, 90% of the parts I used were wither taken and modified, from Honda, or parts from the sunny and Tiida. With the cold-air intake, supercharger, upgaded chips and the speed limiter removed, I am now able to reach speeds of over 160mph; and the good thing about it is, unlike my rivals with these huge engines, after the race I am still left with enough gas to last me till the end of the week.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No, the car is extremely tough and reliable!
 Previous car:1st car

Photos of Nissan Wingroad

2007 Nissan Wingroad Y12, Nic Banarsee, Jamaica photo .1

2007 Nissan Wingroad Y12, Nic Banarsee, Jamaica photo .2

2007 Nissan Wingroad Y12, Nic Banarsee, Jamaica photo .3

Review 2007 Nissan Wingroad Nic Banarsee, Jamaica with photos
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